10 Reasons Why You Should Vote – Ghana Decides Exclusive


With elections quickly approaching on 7 December, are you still on the fence about voting? Know someone who is? Here are ten no-nonsense reasons why we think you should vote in the up-coming elections.

Some Ghanaians participating in a mock voting. Photo credit: ghanalive.tv

10) It matters.

The last election was decided by a mere approximately 50,000 votes.

9) Peer-pressure, or ‘everyone is doing it.’

Your mom, your cousins, your baby sister, your older brother, your uncle that you look up to, and your neighbor are all voting. Don’t be left out of the experience.

8) The great equaliser.

You may not have all the money, cars, houses, or good-looks in the world. Or maybe you do. But voting is the great equalizer. No matter how much, or how little you have, each person gets the same chance to choose the direction of the country. Use it, or lose it.

7) Because you have the time.

The time it takes you to check your timeline on Facebook, update your Twitter feed, check-in on Foursquare, or take a photo of yourself and put it on Instagram, is the same amount of time you have to choose who leads our nation.

6) Be a global leader.

Ghana ranks up there with other countries in the world as far as having a stable democracy is concerned. Put the image of Africa being filled with dictatorships and coups to rest. Show the world Africa has peaceful democracies just like anywhere else.

5) For the children.

Do you want to leave this country in worse shape than your children will find it? Vote for a progressive future for your children and grandchildren to come.

4) Because others died.

People in other countries would kill for the opportunity to elect their leaders. Think of all the other nations where citizens do not get to choose their leaders. Some will die for the right to vote. Many have already died for the right to vote. Do it for them.

3) The right to complain.

If you do not vote, you cannot complain about the state of the nation; how bad the roads are, how the power goes off all the time. Choose your leader and hold them accountable.

2) Voting is sexy.

There is nothing more attractive than a person who is ambitious, visionary, and who cares about their future. And a person’s future is tied to their country’s future. Vote for your future. People who care about the future are sexy. Apathy, on the other hand, is a turn-off.

1) It’s free.

You get to choose your country’s leader and the future it will head towards. Pretty good returns on something that is free. Not voting… Well, that could cost you.

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