Ghana Catholic Bishop’s Conference Concerned About Rising Unemployment

Ghana Catholic Bishop’s Conference Concerned About Rising Unemployment

Report by Abu Mubarik, for Inform Ghana

The Ghana Catholic Bishop’s Conference has called for a concerted effort by all stakeholders to help curb rising youth unemployment.

“We are concerned about the rising incidence of youth unemployment and call on Government and the private sector to help find practical solutions to this phenomenon”, the Conference noted in a statement commemorating Workers’ Day celebrations Thursday, May 1.

The conference also suggested that the GYEEDA (Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency) programme could go a long way to solve youth unemployment in our country if structured and implemented well. It therefore called for urgent fast track of the proposed “restructuring of the Authority so as to serve its intended purpose.”

The conference also called on government to do “something about SADA (Savanna Accelerated Development Authority).”

“In the same vein, we wish to encourage our Government to do something about the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) programme to help bridge the poverty gap between the North and the South as well prevent the unbridled migration of some youth from the North to the South to seek non-existing jobs.”

In addition,  the conference called for caution in passing new legislation that will affect our food value chain urging that nothing untoward be done to compromise Ghana’s food sovereignty and security.

It therefore called on government to exercise extreme caution in taking a decision on the Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

Consequently, the Conference said government should warily study the contents of the Economic Partnership Agreement to know its merits and demerits before proceeding to sign or not to sign it.

“In this way, we would have taken care to forestall any challenges or difficulties that may arise out of any of the decision we take on this issue.”

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