20 lessons learnt from EC media workshop

20 lessons learnt from EC media workshop

Here are the 20 things we learnt from today’s media workshop organised by the Electoral Commission. Please read and share:

1. There will be no registration for an entirely new Voters Register in 2016.

2. There will be a Limited Registration Exercise (April 28 – May 8) for new registrations including those now eligible to vote.

3. There will be an exhibition of the Voters Register of the new provisional and the existing old register.

4. The Exhibition Period can and will probably be extended to accommodate Ghanaians.

5. The EC will validate the register after the Exhibition Period.

6. The Limted Registration Exercise is open to those who didn’t register in the last open registration.

7. If you need to replace a existing Voters’ ID Card or if you need to transfer your vote, there are different processes.

8. To replace your ID, do so at a district EC office. The cost for replacing your ID card is GH¢5.

9. EC will announce date and guidelines for those who wish to transfer their vote to different locale.

10. Access to registration centres limited to applicants, EC Officials, those with complaints to submit, folks authorized by EC.

11. The EC has broaden the category of people who can challenge someone’s eligibility to register as voter. You can challenge.

12. Citizens can also challenge someone’s eligibility during the Exhibition of Voters Register period.

13. This is IMPORTANT: We cannot challenge eligibility to vote during voting exercise. Since by then the register is certified.

14. On Election Day, if you spot a 12 year old in polling queue, you can’t challenge her. She can still vote if she wants.

15. Once the Voters Register is certified. It is cerftied. It is final. No changes will be allowed.

16. It is vital that citizens and CSOs are vigilant and that they participate fully in the Limited Registration Exercise.

17. Also crucial that citizens participate in the Exhibition of the Voters Register exercise.

18. We must take advantage of opportunities given us to participate in any aspect of voter registration exercise.

19. @GhanaDecides will continually update you with info, procedures & activities related to the voters register & registration

20. Here’s to a peaceful, inclusive, wahala-free and accessible registration period and all associated activites

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