Justice Dotse: EC was ordered to remove names of NHIS card holders

Justice Dotse: EC was ordered to remove names of NHIS card holders

The Electoral Commission was ordered to delete the names of people who registered with National Health Insurance Scheme cards, Justice Jones Dotse has said.

Justice Dotse was a member of the panel that delivered judgement on May 5 ordering the EC to clean the voters’ register of minors, dead persons and people who registered with NHIS cards.

Speaking to journalists in Accra Thursday, Justice Dotse maintained the judgement was clear, and it was that names of NHIS cards holders should be deleted but in order not to disenfranchise them, they should be given opportunity to re-register.

“We [Supreme Court] said the use of the NHIS cards is therefore unconstitutional and it should take the opportunity to clean the register of those undesirable persons,” he said.

“We also do not want to disenfranchise anybody so the Supreme Court went on to say that anybody who will be affected by that exercise should be given the opportunity to register according to the law and the constitution, period.”

Justice Dotse noted that people struggling to understand the ruling “should come back to the court.”

“I don’t want to interpret the judgment but if anyone is aggrieved then they should come back to the court,” he added.


Abu Mubarik/ghanadecides.com

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