PNC flagbearer says he will “step on toes” to work for Ghana

PNC flagbearer says he will “step on toes” to work for Ghana

The presidential candidate of the People National Convention  has said he may end up being “a one-term president” because he will “step on toes” to work for the interest of Ghana.

“I may end up being a one-term President because I will step on toes to work for the collective interest and good of Ghana,” Edward Mahama told the Daily Graphic Newspaper Wednesday. “We need to do that no matter the consequences for the individual and Ghana to be relieved and better off.”

Mr. Mahama has contested four presidential elections to no avail. But he expressed confidence of winning on his fifth attempt.

He said he has adopted “New beginnings, new deal, new force” as part of a strategy to wrestle power from the ruling National Democratic Congress.

Mr. Mahama noted that young people must be given “attitudinal and mental change” and “help to strive for excellence.”

He decried the attitude where young people are discouraged from striving for success.

“It is my desire to give Ghana a mindset of ‘I can do it,’” he said.

“This is what I will offer to Ghanaians in order to improve agriculture, health, education, among others, to transform the economy as well as accelerate growth,” he added.


By: Abu Mubarik/

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