Voter exhibition: EC criticize political parties for low turnout

Voter exhibition: EC criticize political parties for low turnout

The Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission, Eric Dzakpasu, has slammed political parties for the low turnout during the first day of the ongoing voter register exhibition exercise.

Dzakpasu said political parties are not encouraging their members to go and verify their names as they encouraged their members to register during the limited registration exercise.

He said: “When it comes to registration, the political parties are very active. They go round, they make sure their people go to the registration centres to go and register massively. It beats the mind when it comes to exhibition, which is the final stage in certifying a register for credible election we are found wanting so much.”

Dzakpasu was, however, hopeful that interest in the exercise will pick up as the days go by.

“Being a 21-day exercise our expectations are that as the days go by it will pick up. It has always been the case when it comes to this critical stage of the exercise,” he said.

Asked what the EC is doing to encourage people to go out and verify their names, he said the commission has placed 130 TV and radio ads.

“But we are doing our part, we are just calling on the stakeholders to join and play their part so that we can all have a very successful exhibition exercise,” he concluded.


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