E-transmission of election results: PNC Chairman appalled by NPP’s position

E-transmission of election results: PNC Chairman appalled by NPP’s position

The National Chairman of the People’s National Conference says he is appalled by the position of the New Patriotic Party on the proposed electronic transmission of election results by the Electoral Commission (EC).

“I’m appalled by the noise that we are making around an otherwise peaceful process that will lead to a smoother and faster process of transmitting election [results], Bernard Mornah told Citi FM on Thursday.

Mr Mornah recalled that many political parties and civil society groups proposed the e-transmission of election results at IPAC meetings.

“It has been deliberated at length,” he added.

His comments follow accusations by the Acting General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, John Boadu, that the EC and the National Democratic Congress want to rig this year’s election.

Mr Mornah said his only concern is the fact the EC did not inform the political parties beforehand that it had steps to implement the electronic transmission of election results.

Nonetheless, he said: “Beyond that, there is nothing about it. If the votes are obtained at a polling station, it is that vote which would be transmitted to the collation centre or the national headquarters [of the EC] and these days there’s not going to be a strong room concept so it is going to be an open thing for everyone to see. It appears to me that our political parties are bereft of ideas so they magnify any little thing to create something to talk about.”


Abu Mubarik/Ghanadecides.com

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