NPP accuses NDC of ‘stealing’ ideas from opponents

NPP accuses NDC of ‘stealing’ ideas from opponents

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is accusing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of ‘stealing’ ideas from political opponents after the party’s flagbearer, President John Mahama, gave a highlight presentation of the party’s manifesto Tuesday.

At a presser Wednesday, NPP’s Director of Communications Nana Akomea said after plagiarising ideas of political opponents, the president is always found wanting when it comes to implementing them since he is not the originator of the idea.

He further accused the party of not being sincere with Ghanaians on its manifesto promises.
The President “steals ideas from his political opponents only to be found wanting when it comes to implementing them,” he said.

He said the NDC has “no deep attachment to the principles necessary to drive the promises they give. To them, politics is all about ways and means. Nothing to do with actually making lives better.”

Nana Akomea said the NDC’s 2016 manifesto is replete with failed promises in the party’s 2008 and 2012 manifestos.

“The NDC in 2008 promised to create full employment. Instead, what they did was to build a strong foundation for creating massive unemployment. NYEP left NDC 110,000 employed. Today, its replacement after the scandalously corrupt GYEEDA, YES, admits now has less than 70,000 young people employed,” Akomea said.

“The 2016 NDC manifesto is also noted for repeating failed promises,” he concluded.


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