Change begins with attitude – Rev Nelson

Change begins with attitude – Rev Nelson

The Coordinating Minister of the Accra Ridge Church, Rev Canon John Antonio Tello Nelson, has said the results of the 2016 elections showed that Ghanaians voted for change but said change can only happen with a change in attitude.

Rev. Nelson made the comments as part of his sermon at New Patriotic Party’s praise and thanksgiving service Sunday.

He said: “Beloved in the Lord, the election on December 7, 2016, showed that many voted for change. But the honest truth is that the change can only happen by all of us having changed our attitudes – the corruption, greed, the lazy attitude to work, the I-don’t-care attitude, the pilfering in our offices, the lack of maintenance of government property, the nepotism, our tribalistic attitudes, the ‘Ghana Time’ mentality.

“These are attitudes that we have to change, because if we have called for change and we don’t eschew all these negative attitudes in our lives, the change can never happen.”

Rev. Nelson added that he was praying for the change to happen “now in our lives”, and once that happens, “Ghana will be a haven of peace and success”.

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