Dec polls: Seek redress only through the courts – Thabo Mbeki

Dec polls: Seek redress only through the courts – Thabo Mbeki

The Head of the Commonwealth Election-Observer Mission in Ghana, Thabo Mbeki has appealed to Ghanaians seek redress through the courts if they dispute the results of the election.

The previous elections gained international media attention after the NPP contested the results of the polls at the Supreme Court.

The apex Court eventually dismissed their case, with John Mahama sworn in as president.

The seven presidential candidates signed the Accra Declaration, pledging to accept the outcome of the December 7 elections.

However, the NDC has accused the NPP of laying the groundwork to dispute this year’s polls as well if they lose with their criticism of the electoral process so far.

Others have said that the NPP’s claims and allegations will help clear issues and prevent another petition

Addressing the press on Monday in Accra, the former South African leader called on Ghanaians to respect the outcome of the elections, saying that the option for the resolution of electoral disputes is through the courts.

“With great humility, we appeal to Ghanaians to respect the undertakings that have been made by the respected political and other leaders of Ghana as reflected in the Accra Declaration.In this contest, we urge that if any dispute should arise concerning the elections, this will be settled peacefully through the court of the land.

“In this regard we are fully in agreement with the political leaders of Ghana that no other option exists for the resolution of any electoral dispute except the peaceful route…Principally the political parties of Ghana , including their leaders, members and supporters must respect the outcome of the elections once the electoral process has determined that the people have spoken…,” he said.


By: Edwin Kwakofi/

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