Project Results/ Aims

Ghana Decides aims to:

  • Develop a better informed electorate for a free, fair and safe 2012 elections using the collaborative platform of social media.
  • Extensively sensitize and educate a broad group of stakeholders on the use of social media for Ghana 2012 Elections and its related activities. (Social Media workshops)
  • Establish an operational and active coalition and working group on social media for social change for the Ghanaian civil society.
  • Deploy and comprehensively utilise social media tools to cover and address Elections 2012 activities, monitoring, issues and results.


Voter Registration Campaign (iRegistered)
The iRegistered Campaign  encouraged  eligible Ghanaians to go out and register on the new Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system.  Between March 24 – May 5 2012 , we encouraged Ghanaians to share their experience of the registration process by sending in images and videos of them in line, registering and with their new ID cards. The pictures were collected into Flickr, Google Plus and Flickr albums. The campaign received mentions on national and international media platforms including Ghana News AgencyGovernment of Ghana portalMashableAJStream and GlobalVoices.

Social Media Working Groups

Ghana Decides provides social media training for civil society organisations across the country. This is aimed at building the capacities of the various organisations to communicate their issues to the online world. The working group meetings have been very successful so far.

Community and Youth Engagements

They are aimed at engaging as many of the offline population as possible to participate in the issues discussed online. The offline interactions will further engender more discussions on the online platforms. The groups and communities involved typically have very minimal or non-existent online footprints. We hold discussions with these groups based on issues that affect their day-to-day life and bring those issues into the public domain via our social media platforms.

iLead Campaign: Geared at fostering youth involvement in policy and development discussions, as well as a sense of ownership of events in Ghana among Youth and Ghanaians in general through ‘we the people’, the iLead campus fora, and the Ghana Decides Presidential Debates Watch Parties. iLead Campus fora are hosted at second and third cycle schools. If you’re interested in hosting an event at your school, email info[at]

Speak Ghana: It involves citizens expressing their views and hopes for Ghana by writing on a speech bubble. Their photos are taken and shared on our Flickr page and other channels.  Co-opting the idea of speech bubbles, participants are expected to write their thoughts on a printed speech bubble, take a picture of the bubble or photograph themselves holding the speech bubble and post it online (on Twitter ,  G+ with #SpeakGhana & #GhanaDecides)”.  The Speak Ghana project was put in action at the recently held BarCamps in Tamale and Cape Coast. You can also post your Speak Ghana picture on the Ghana Decides Facebook page.

Simply right click on the image and save

Video Campaigns

Ghana Decides Tag: The Ghana Decides Tag (GhD Tag) is an interactive video series based loosely on the ongoing “Ghana Tags” on YouTube. It consists of online video uploads by Ghanaian YouTube users and videos of non-YouTube (offline) users responding to a set of questions pertaining to the upcoming general elections and Ghana’s development. The aim of the campaign is to spur discussions and gain insights from average Ghanaians regarding the 2012 presidential elections, key development issues, and being Ghanaian. Participants will be asked to “tag” 3-5 other Ghanaians to participate in the GhD Tag, and they in turn will make a video response and upload. Watch the Ghana Decides Tag promo video. Read more about the tag to participate. Download and share the Ghana Decides Tag How-to document. The Ghana Decides team will periodically interview the best Tag video maker live via Google Plus Hangout on Air.

My Ghana series: These series of videos are targeted with a reflective and/or prospective nuance on what Ghana means to Ghanaians (my GH is), citizen views on priority issues (if I were president, I see a Ghana), and fostering peace and a collective Ghanaian identity (we are all involved).

‘Get Out and Vote’ Campaign:
Advocacy and educational campaign to encourage Ghanaians to vote during the 2012 election.