Other Seats


Sefwi Akontombra – Western Region

Sefwi Akontombra is one of the constituencies created in 2004 and it has been a strong hold of the NDC. Herod Cobbina won the seat for the NDC in 2004 with 59.00% of valid votes cast to represent the constituency in the Fourth Parliament. He won a second term in the Fifth Parliament by polling 54.43% of total votes cast. Hon. Herod Cobbina will contest for a third term on the ticket of the NDC.  He faces strong a strong challenger in the NPP after some leading members of the NDC lead by Harry Addo, former Akontombra Constituency Youth Organizer of the NDC, defected to the NPP alleging the persistence of a culture of silence, discrimination, division, internal wrangling and intimidation being meted out to them by the DCE, the MP for Akontombra and some members of the party. The NPP’s candidate is Appiah-Kubi Baidoo and the PPP will also contest with Kwesi Kwarteng.

Tamale North – Northern Region

This constituency was also created in 2004 and is a safe seat of the NDC for the eight years of its existence. In 2004 Alhaji Abubakari Sumani garnered a 73.20% landslide in the polls to represent the constituency in the Fourth Parliament. He also won the 2008 parliamentary elections with 56.64% of votes cast to join the NDC majority in the Fifth Parliament. Hon. Alhaji Abubakari Sumani will contest for a third term against Alhassan Dahamani, a former member of the NDC contesting as an Independent Candidate after losing his bid to contest on the ticket of the NDC. Other contestants are Akilu Sayibu of the NPP, Emelia Afua Awuni of the PNC, Peter Napali of the CPP and Iddrisu Mashud of the PPP.


Tarkwa Nsuaem – Western Region

The NDC’s Mathew Kojo Kum won the 1992 elections to represent the constituency in the First Parliament. The NDC lost the seat to Joseph Ghansah of the People’s Convention Party (PCP) in the 1996 polls. In 2000, the PCP then CPP also lost to the NPP’s candidate Gifty Eugenia Kusi who made 60.20% of votes cast to occupy the seat in the Third Parliament. Hon. Gifty Eugenia Kusi retained the seat in the Fourth and Fifth Parliaments by winning the 2004 and 2008 polls with 59.30% and 57.64% respectively. This year’s elections will see a battle of two women in the constituency with Hon. Gifty Eugenia Kusi vying for a Fourth term against Christina Kobinah of the NDC.

Weija – Greater Accra Region

Weija is the biggest constituency out of the 230 constituencies represented in the Fifth Parliament. It was created in 2004 and Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey of the NPP has served the constituency for two terms from 2005 to 2013. She won the 2004 elections with 58.60% of total votes cast and also had 52.32% of total votes in the 2008 polls to retain the seat for the NPP. Weija has been demarcated into three constituencies; Weija/Gbawe, Anyaa/Sowutuom and Bortianor/Ngleshie/Amanfrom. The incumbent Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey is vying for Anyaa/ Sowutuom seat on the ticket of the NPP against Sedina Tamakloe the Chief Executive Officer for National Youth Authority contesting on the ticket of the NDC and Ernest Afram, an accountant contesting for the CPP. Weija/Gbawe will have three women; Rosemond Amo Debrah of the NPP, Obuobea Darko-Opoku of Radio Gold on the ticket of the NDC and Adjoa Ghana of the PPP.


Wulensi – Northern Region

In 1992 Amidu Seidu of the NDC won the parliamentary polls to represent the constituency in the First Parliament. The NDC lost the seat to Iddi Saani of the NPP who won the seat with 26.70% of total votes cast. Parliamentary polls to elect parliamentarians into the Third and Fourth Parliaments in 2000 and 2004 were won by Kofi Karim Wumbei of the NPP. In 2008, former MP Alhaji Saani Iddi contested as an Independent Candidate and won with 37.11% of total votes cast. Hon. Alhaji Saani Iddi passed away in June 2012 and the seat has been vacant since following an injunction on the Electoral Commission preventing them from holding a by-election to choose a replacement for the vacant seat. All the political parties are strongly campaigning to win the seat this December; the NPP will try to win back what was once their seat with Thomas Donkor Ogajah as their candidate. The NDC and CPP are also vying for the seat with George Laliri Mabang and Haruna Musah as their candidate respectively.  There is also Issa Damba of the PPP.



Sissala East – Upper West Region

Sissala East, formerly Sissala constituency is a swing seat between the NDC and PNC. In 1992 and 1996, Alhaji Amidu Sulemana of the NDC won the elections to serve in the First and Second Parliaments. The PNC won the 2000 Parliamentary Election with Moses Dani Baah as the candidate. After a term he was reelected with 74.20% of votes cast in the 2004 elections to serve in the Fourth Parliament as MP for Sissala East. In 2008 the NDC won back the seat with Hajia Rafatu Dubie Alhassan who got 36.91% of valid votes to represent Sissala East in the House.  Hon. Hajia Alhassan was voted out as the NDC’s candidate for the constituency and replaced with Alijata Sulemana, the Sissala East DCE. The defeated PNC candidate Moses Dani Baah competes once again for a third term in parliament as well as Amidu Chinnia Issahaku of the NPP, Luriwie Fuseini of the PPP and Issaha Musah contesting as Independent Candidate.