GCRN News- Builsa Polling


7-12-2012  SANDEMA

Radio Builsa, a community Radio at Sandema in the Upper East Region reports that the polls are going on smoothly. George Abubakar of Radio Builsa says  in a community  called Kori, there is not even a  policeman  but there is law and order.

The Community Radio station is however contacting the police why there is no policeman or woman at Kori.  Though the area is not a political flashpoint, George thinks there is the need for the presence of a security person in order not to leave things to chance.

Most of the polling stations in the Builsa North and Builsa South opened at 7.30 am.  There are no shortage of material.

Radio Buisa however reports that there have been cases of the inability of the verification machine to validate some registered voters.

Radio Emashie at Pokuase in the Greater Accra region also reports similar cases.   Many voters could not have their fingerprints validated.   At  Trobo,  Amasaman, Mayera, Kwasheikuma, Abeensu none of the ten fingers of some of the voters could be recogised by the verification machine. These people were therefore not allowed to vote although they have their names in the Voters Register.

Many voters registered voters whose fingerprints could not be verified washed their hands for many times, but the machine failed to recognize their fingerprints. Many voters are still waiting to see if the machine would recognize their fingerprints.

The Electoral Commission says to make the voting transparent and acceptable under the biometric system, no voter would be allowed to cast the ballot without verification.  This is referred to as “No Verification No Vote (NVNV).”

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