7-12-2012 Dalun  N/R

More suggestions are being put forward to help solve the problem whereby the biometric  validation machine is not recognising the fingerprints of some voters.  From  Dimbai in the Tolon constituency in the Northern Region, a Community Radio Station, Radio Simli reports that the people have discovered a simple do-it-yourself solution to the problem. Just wash your hands with the locally distilled alcohol, akpeteshie.

Abukari  Abdul-Fatawu  of Radio Simli reports that the people are saying that washing one’s hand with akpeteshie makes it easier for the verification machine to recognise fingerprints rejected.

From the new discovery, Akpeteshie has one more use. As a favourite booze, it is now a cleanser for voting.  Put it to test and share your experience with us.

Coming from  Radio Peace  is another quick fix solution for the problem. Just use Coke.

Using coke to wash the fingers would resolve the problem of the equipment not recognising finger prints. It has been tested in some polling stations.