Observer Report: Voting in Sunyani


Report by Dominic Mary, for Ghana Decides

St Mary’s










The Mmeredane polling station in the Sunyani East Constituency had the first voter at 2am! I got to the station at 6:55am and met a long queue. I was asked to get a number and join the queue. I was the 575th person!  Voting began a few minutes after 7am.

After being in the queue for over 20 minutes, we were asked to form two queues based on our names on our voter ID cards. It was chaotic for a bit. A lot of folks were agitated, some tried to jump the queue; others did not get why they should report at the station at 4am and now find themselves at the rear of the new queues formed.

Military adds on to police security

Some who had been voting at this station expressed surprise and disgust (to a certain degree) at the number of voters this year. The cause, I gathered, had to do with the inadequate education during the BVR exercise.  Voters from other stations had registered at Mmeredane because they thought the exercise wouldn’t get to their stations after the stipulated 10 days.

That notwithstanding, all was smooth. At a point, some army officers passed by the polling station to see if all voting was going on smoothly. I guess they were satisfied.

An old man who was two steps in front of me, having waited in the queue for 4 and a half hours, he gets his turn, checks his details in the register, is not  verified by the machine, and is asked to go home and come back later to vote.  Sad.

I also visited the St. Mary’s J.S.S. polling station. Voting was going on smoothly as expected.

Sunyani was (and is) calm amidst all the noise going on in some parts of the country.

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