Report: Citizens Ready to Vote at Hope International Polling Station


Report by Roxanne Scott

Citizens calmly wait to vote at Hope International Ministry polling station. Some receive their numbers, others patiently wait while bopping to music with earphones on, and others chatting with their friends and loved ones.

Voter Emmanuel Osei Afriyie Mensah organised canopies, water, and chairs in order for waiting voters to feel comfortable. He anticipates lines to be long with the new biometric system. “Well, this programme hasn’t been piloted so I expect lines to be long. I organised, with my own money, the chairs, canopies, and water so voters can be comfortable in the heat and with the long lines.”

Elderly voters at this polling station aren’t given numbers and are given the opportunity to go first in line to vote.

With this years highly contested election, many voters here expect a second round of voting. Citizens are passionate about this election. Mensah belives education seems to be a key issue in this year’s election. He also explains, “I expect there to be a second round of voting.”  Second time voter, Felix Obi says “We need to elect a leader who can take good care of us And make it comfortable to live in this country. We need someone who is responsible for his people. ” He goes on to say, ” I think it will be a very peaceful election. Even though there are rumors, I don’t think anything will happen.”

At 7:45am, voters still patiently wait to Cast their ballots. A merchant says, “This is no good. They gave us a time to vote ad they are still setting up the ballot boxes.” Still, she seems to be taking it in stride and starts a cell phone conversation with her husband.”

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