Rounding up a Long Journey on Ghana Decides


From the Editor, Ghana Decides

The Freedom Arc

The Freedom Arc: Freedom and Justice Ghana

Today marks, officially, the end of Ghana Decides as a project. We are still dusting off our backpacks and desks; we are using pure water to wash the terra-cotta sand off our eye-lids. The project was a long one-way trip for which we had many plans projected and abandoned, new paths discovered and pursued; and, absolutely no idea about how to fold up. So it is a mixed feeling, but not doubt.

When we began, it was with one purpose to ensure that the words of Ghanaians usually drowned and watered down by mainstream media would this time permeate social media, and augmented so much that it could not be ignored by media outlets and politicians. We are happy to have done simply that.

Our commitment was to generate original content always. It was a hard one in an age where copying and pasting the reports of others was easier and preferred. We persisted because we were reminded of our duty by those whom we spoke to throughout our travels across the country – to share their words and thoughts with the nation and the world.

In our coverage of events, we were careful to be the platform for everyone while guarding the platform jealously because we were fully aware of the enormity of the responsibility we had to this nation and its peoples. That responsibility was never a burden when we sat down to write for this website or share information from The Team. It was almost effortless, carved out of love and purpose.

We are thankful to those who received us, to those who although with angst decided to try out social media at their organisations, as a way of interacting with our people and ensuring a successful election. We are thankful to Ghanaians who read content from here, shared it with their friends on Facebook, their followers on Twitter, and their readers on blogs and websites.

In the coming days, we will publish the stories of those who worked with us at Ghana Decides. From our volunteers, team members and team leaders. Be sure to read them.

For us at who lived and slumbered on this platform, and for me, it is a relief to see a climactic end to what we started because we can begin new things. But we have already started suffering the withdrawal syndromes. So as we shut down, we will keep one eye open for the future and the other for the people of Ghana.

Thank you.

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