Sleep is an important part of our day. We need to have a good night’s sleep to function well in our daily chores. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs and it is best if they take help of down pillows to give them adequate support. You might want to learn more about these pillows, please read the description below.

Top Picks For Down Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

These pillows will help you in creating a right position for you so that you do not have body aches when you wake up the next day. They are divided according to the different preferences that people generally have for pillows.

For Spine Relief:

These days our spines are already in bad condition due to our sitting postures and the sedentary lifestyle. A bad sleeping position will take a toll on the spine as well. The Chiroflow water pillow will help in balancing the weight of your body when you sleep on your stomach. You can fill it up with your choice of amount of water to make it firm or soft and it will retain its shape.

Affordable Pillows:

If you sleep on your stomach, then it is always best to go for softer pillows. The Five Star Down Alternative pillow is great and it gives you the same feel as any other down pillow. It isn’t costly at all and it is super lightweight. Your body will get adequate support when you sleep on it and you wouldn’t have any aches or discomfort. It is also easy to clean it as there isn’t much to do.

For Lower Back Pain Relief:

Lower back pain is a pathetic thing and it often happens to people who sleep on their stomachs. This is due to the pressure that is created in the midsection of the body. The L pillow is a customizable pillow which is designed according to your sleep pattern. The company will provide you with a pillow that is comfortable and you will like sleeping on it and it will be extremely comfortable.

Adjustable Pillow:

Adjustable pillows are a great option for people who need a customizable amount of filling in their pillows. The COOP Home Goods Eden Pillow has a shredded foam filling that you can change according to your preference. It is best for the warm days as the foam allows easy circulation of air in the pillow. The foam is soft and it would prevent extra stress to build up in your lower back area.

For Pressure Relief:

Pressure build-up in certain parts of the body often leads to long uncomfortable and sleepless nights. The Luxe Down & Feather pillow is great for people who can afford a good quality pillow. It will adequately even out the pressure and prevent the build-up of future stress. The materials are of good quality and it is designed in a way that it will give enough support to your body.

Things that make a great stomach sleeping pillow:

  1. Firmness: People who sleep on their stomach should choose a pillow that is soft and not something that is too firm or hard. Down pillows are the best option for this.
  2. Flatness: No one likes a super flat pillow but people who sleep on their stomach do not need a pillow that is overfilled. It is best to get a pillow that will lay flat and not cause extra stress on the neck.
  3. Moldability: Everyone uses their pillow differently. So, people can definitely go for pillows that have a memory foam pillow as it does get along with their sleeping style. Body type is a great parameter to choose pillows.
  4. A good mattress: Along with the pillow, people need to have a good mattress. The mattress will support the rest of your body and help you to get adequate sleep. For stomach sleepers, a medium-firm mattress will work great and reduce any stress built up to present in the body.


You may not have paid enough attention to your pillow before today. But we will highly recommend you to follow it to get adequate sleep without any problems to your body. We often do not realize that our body aches are caused by improper sleeping positions. So, pay attention and sleep well.