The movie Vampire is available on yes movies and it will be best if you learn some facts about the vampire so that you have a glimpse of what these terrible creatures are all about. It will make your watching interesting since you will have had background knowledge.

  1. Names given to a group of vampires include a clan, clutch, pack, coven or brood. The most famous vampire that has been documented several times is the Count Dracula, which is even quoted in the bible, the book of Deuteronomy, 12:23.
  2. Elizabeth Bathory, who was a Countess, who lived between 1560 to 1614, was believed to be one of the most famous true vampires. She was believed to be fond of biting girl’s flesh as she tortured them and eventually took a bath in their blood so that she could retain her youthfulness and beauty. As you watch the Vampire on yes movies, it is important to note that, all accounts documented about her seem to depict her as a woman who was very attractive.
  3. From the Sesame Street, Count von Count, who was known to be a Muppet Vampire, is said to be based on a true vampire myth. It is said that, in order to detract a vampire, you can through mustard seeds outside the door or place them on a fishing net outside your window. The vampire will be compelled to start counting the seeds or the net holes, which will then delay them until the sun comes up.
  4. You will find in the ancient Sumerian, and Babylonian myth which dates about 4000BC of the vampires earliest accounts. It describes edimmuand ekimmu as the vampires. The ekimmu is believed to be a type of utukku or uruku, a spiritual demon who is said to have not been well buried. His vengeful spirit returns back to life to suck the life out of those who are living.
  5. Dolments, the prehistoric stone monuments, have been found in the graves of the dead in the northwest of Europe. And according to anthropologists, they were placed on the graves in order to keep the vampires from being able to rise.
  6. As documented by Pert em Hru, an Egyptian text, which talks about the dead, it is known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, if the ka, the one known to be part of the five parts of the human soul, doesn’t receive a specific offering, it comes out of the grave as a kha, in order to find nourishment for itself.

This nourishment could include drinking blood from those who are still alive. Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess, was known to be fond of drinking blood. Also, Kali, an Indian goddess, is also well known to have had a powerful desire to drink blood.

  1. Porphyria, a rare disease which is also called Dracula or vampire disease, is known to cause vampire-like symptoms which include being sensitive to the sunlight and the hairiness. When it is on the extreme, it can cause the teeth to be stained reddish brown and after some time, the patient goes mad.
  2. A changeShih, corpse hopper, is the name given to the Chinese vampire and they were said to have red eyes and claws that were crooked. Their sexual drive was said to be strong, making them to mostly attack women. With time, they grew stronger and gained the ability to fly, white hair grew all over their bodies, and they possessed the abilities to change into a wolf.
  3. According to the many scholars, the word “Vampire” is said to have been derived from the Hungarian word, Vampir, or from the Turkish word upper, Upior, upyr, which means a witch. Other scholars have had a different view, arguing that, it was derived from the Greek word “to drink” or from another Greek word that denotes “plague carrier”,nosophoros. It could also have been gotten from the Serbian Barmiiup or the Serbo-Croatianpirati There are several terms found allover which can relate to the word “Vampire” which are found in various cultures, which means that vampires are something which is embedded in the consciousness of humans.
  4. While both zombies and vampires belong to the undead, depending on the mythology, they possess their differences. An example being zombies are at times believed to have an IQ that is lower than that of the vampire, they prefer flesh and brain rather than blood, they are known to be immune to garlic, have a reflection in the mirror, and are found mostly in the myth that originates from Africa. They move slower as compared to vampires due to their rotting muscles, are able to enter into churches and are not afraid of sunlight or fire.
  5. The myth of vampires might have been based on Vlad of Walachia, at times known as Vlad the Impaler who existed between C1431 to 1476. He was well known by his habit of nailing people’s heads with hats, skin them alive and ensuring that he impaled them on stakes that were upright. After killing his enemies, he liked to use their blood to deep bread and then consume it. The meaning of his name Vladis the son of the Dracula or dragon, identified as the historical Dracula. Though he, Vlad the Impaler, was killed in 1476, there is a report that his grave remained empty.
  6. Some of the documented medical reports of people who have been accused of being vampires suffered from disorders such as haematodipsia, which is a condition of being sexually thirsty for blood, and day blindness or hemeralopia. Being anemic or bloodlessness was mistaken to be a symptom of an attack by a vampire.

This insight can give you a clue what to expect of in the movie Vampire at yes movies so that, when it becomes scary, you can refer to this information and know what exactly the vampire is capable of and what you can do in order to keep him off from your environment.