Many facades of people’s lives nowadays, like eating high sugar food and processed food, little sleep, and high stress level can damage your gut microbiome. And unhealthy gut can affect other phases of one’s health, like the heart, skin, immune system, hormone levels, weight, brain, heart, and more.

Signs Of Unhealthy Gut

Unhealthy gut is never an option to anyone, and to help you see the signs of it, read through below:

  • Upset Stomach

Upset stomach is one of the most common symptoms of gut not working properly.. Stomach disturbances such as heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas are all signals of unhealthy gut. If you have a healthy gut expect that your body will have easier time eliminating waste and processing food.

This discomfort will badly impact your food intake and quality of living. There are good supplements to take, check the link to know more:

  • A high sugar diet

The good bacteria in the gut may decrease due to diet high in added sugar and processed foods. This imbalance can give one with higher level of sugar cravings or desires, which can further damage the gut.

High intake of refined sugars, specifically high fructose corn syrup, is linked to the increase of inflammation in a human’s body. And this inflammation can turn to be a culprit to many kinds of diseases, including the deadly cancers.

  • Accidental weight changes

Losing or gaining weight even without changes on your habits, rituals and diet? This can be a sign of unhealthy gut. If gut is imbalance, it will weaken your body’s capability to store fat, regulate blood sugar, and absorb nutrients.

Two things, weight gain can be because of insulin resistance, while weight loss is because of SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

  • Constant fatigue or sleep disturbances

Another symptom of unhealthy gut is poor sleep or insomnia, which later on will lead to unpleasing chronic fatigue. The common source of serotonin, a well known hormone that impacts sleep and mood, is from the gut. If gut is damaged, the ability of a person to sleep right gets impacted big time.

  • Skin irritation

You may thought that rashes in your skin like eczema can be a cause of something else, but this kind of skin irritation can also be because of damaged gut. When gut is inflamed, certain proteins in the body leaks and may turn to irritants on the skin, which can result to skin conditions like eczema.

Taking care of your gut is the same as taking care of your skin.

Signals of unhealthy gut are not limited to the samples provided above, but needless to say all these symptoms and signals may give one with a life uncomforting and miserable. It can impact the quality of your life completely. Why would you take the risk if there are supplements you can take to improve your gut’s health? Check for more details.

Things To Do To Improve Gut Health

Other than taking recommended supplements, here are some other effective means and ways you can do to make your gut healthy.

  • Avoid stress

Stress will give not just your body but your gut difficult time. Although easier say than done, there are good ways you can do to lessen your stress. Having a pet, yoga, laughing, decrease in coffee intake, disperse essential oils, spending quality time with family and friends, getting a good massage, walking and meditation are some of the things you can do to minimize the feeling of stress.

  • Get the right amount of sleep

As discussed, not being able to get the right amount of sleep may impact your gut seriously, which may turn to further sleep problems that can be uncontrollable. It is best if you get seven to eight hours of sleep in a day. If this is a problem you experience, consult your doctor immediately so he/she can help you manage good sleep at night.

  • Eat slow

Try to avoid eating in a rush, chew your food properly and thoroughly, this can help you achieve full digestion, as well as full absorption of nutrients on the food you eat. When you eat slow, you give yourself the chance to have a healthy gut and minimize digestive discomfort.

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking enough amount of water will not only benefit your gut but your entire body too. Staying hydrated can benefit the mucosal lining of your intestine, plus it gives a perfect balance on the good bacteria in your gut. This is the simplest yet one of the most effective ways promoting a healthy gut.

  • Change your diet

If you have not considered changing your diet, maybe it is time that you do it NOW! Minimize or if possible eliminate high sugar, high fat and processed foods. It is recommended that you consume and enjoy a meal with lot of lean protein and plant based food. Eat foods that are fiber rich, it will help you a lot taking care of your gut.

Your gut is exactly as important as other organs and parts of your body. And it is only right that you take all necessary precautions to take care of it. If you think you are experiencing unhealthy gut, run to your doctor immediately. Never leave yourself suffering from all the negative impacts of unhealthy gut.

Take advantage of the supplements at, that you can take to improve the health of your gut. Taking for granted the condition of your gut is a huge no, it may serve yourself, the quality of your life an impact that you would never want to happen. You are advised to do the tips provided above, as they will not only improve your gut but your overall welfare too. It is also recommended that you visit your doctor immediately in the event you notice any of the above signals, or even if not, to have you gut checked.