We currently have a lot of games that are taking the world by storm. Gamers are some of those people who will never run out of new things to try. Games app developers all over the word are rolling up their sleeves trying hard to unleash games that will have a lasting impression in the gaming industry, without fading away too soon days after launching. The amount of creativity invested in a game is what makes it a favorite among consumers who go ahead to create hype around it and that is how popular a game gets to become.

Fortnite is one game that has managed to win the phones of many users who are installing it day in day out to get some of that adrenaline rush experience of gaming. It is a game that needs you to have shooting skills and it does not matter if you are not good at that while starting out because you get to understand the bearing the more you engage with the game. The ability to create structures or covers, which gives you an advantage while fighting, is another added advantage bound to give you an easy time with this game.

The fortnite mobile version

Fortnite has developed a smartphone and tablet version by bringing ideas to a whole different medium which requires adaptation to new skills which are the likes of adapting to smaller screens or mastering touch controls. The whole interface on a mobile phone changes the way players normally approach the game in many both big and small ways. Playing fortnite on a mobile phone will require you to get used to a new version, playing against the challenges other players are too playing against and finally getting to understand the limitations. We are going to look at some tips that will skyrocket you to the top in fortnite using your smartphone or tablet.

Tips to help you master Fortnite on your mobile phone

If you are looking forward to having an experience of your life with fortnite on your tablet or smartphone, gather here for some tips.

  • Spend some time learning and practicing the controls

When it comes to mobile game’s controls, virtual buttons which happen to be on the screen are used to do everything. That means that however much you are good at controls in any other platform that is not a phone, you will have to relearn the games controls when it comes to using a mobile phone. On the left side of the screen you will get to find a virtual joystick that will help you to move your character. Your character is turned whenever you swipe on the right side of the screen which then effectively turns your camera on and controls your aim. Tapping on your screen fires your gun. A few other virtual buttons are present on the right side of the screen whenever you are running around with one to jump and another to crouch, making you move slowly and quietly.

At the center of your screen, you will find a button with a crosshair icon whose function is to let you switch from standard third-person mode to an aiming view that is much tighter. This allows you to look down at the sites of your weapon in order to get a better accuracy, with the same button allowing you once more to look through your gun’s scope if it happens to have one.

It is important to note that there is an inventory that you can tap whenever you want some items or for guns switching purposes. You can drop off items that you no longer need by tapping on a backpack icon on the left side of the inventory that allows you to pull out a much larger inventory menu. There is also a small button above your inventory where you can reload your gun.

There is a button to switch next to your inventory for a menu of controls which are used for building. When you hit that button, different build elements for constructing in the game will appear and replace your inventory. A small menu containing each of the three building materials that you are carrying will also be visible allowing you to switch between them through tapping. Another button at the top right side of the touch screen allows you to rotate pieces if you have to.

An edit button on the right side of the screen looking like a blueprint allows you to add doors or windows if need be to your structures. A structure is instantly built on the spot the character is facing by tapping anywhere on the right side of the screen touch. It is therefore advisable to get to familiarize yourself with these controls so that you can have an easy time in high pressure situations like time to kill scenarios.

  • Use a pair of headphones

The best tool you can possess when it comes to engaging in battle Royale using your phone is the ability to hear things way before you see them. A pair of headphones will come in handy in situations where you cannot play with sound off especially in the public and not just any pair of headphones but those of good quality in order to get those sounds perfectly. Headphones will give you a better sense of the world around you and this will always get you to be ahead of other players.

  • Keeping your fights to close range

It is no doubt that the small size of the screen on your tablet or smart phone makes it difficult to shoot anything at range. This is a familiar scenario when it comes to playing games via the phone or a tablet. For fortnite, you are therefore supposed to opt for short guns over assault rifles which are more advantageous when it comes to aiming. That way you get to shoot at targets more effortlessly.